Annually, the GVAC joins the Vermont Veterans Home in the Card Room, just outside the side entrance of the House Chambers, to talk with legislators and inform them about veterans interests and pending legislation.

In 2020, legislators across all party affiliations, initiated a National Guard Caucus. The purpose of the Caucus is to inform and educate legislators on issues impacting both the Air and Army National Guard organizations in the state. Recently, the Caucus has broadened its interest to include veterans and military/veteran families. The GVAC and Office of Veterans Affairs joined the Caucus recently and are excited about keeping its members informed about issues that impact veterans and their families.

The GVAC also recently joined the Military Officer’s Association of America’s (MOAA) Legislative Group. This is a group of MOAA members from in excess of two dozen states that specifically work and share information about military and veteran legislation at the state level.

View the Veteran/Military Related Legislation Still in Committees.